BinIt bags are a British team of enthusiasts dedicated to making premium quality, eco-friendly refuse sacks. With our expanding range, we aim to provide a top-quality experience. We design each bag with you in mind, focusing on user experience and convenience.

Unlike imported bags, our products are Made in Britain with Quality (ISO 9001) & Environmental Management (ISO 14001) accredited compliance systems, using in-group collected waste ensuring traceability and most importantly minimizing our carbon footprint.

All our products are eco-friendly as can currently be. Our range of bags is made of durable 100% recycled LDPE material. This material can be further recycled where facilities allow.

Shipping and Orders

We supply our premium BinIt bags through this website where you can conveniently order from our online store. Currently, we offer FREE shipping on all orders over £20.

Business-to-business trade customers can Contact us for custom orders or queries.

Learn more about our store and Shipping policies. For any questions or feedback please Contact us.