Clear Recycling Bags

Perfect for Recycling Use

Leak resistance as standard.

Catering for multiple use from household to office, commercial and much more..

Our quality tested sacks and bags are suited for many different tasks including demanding use.

True in Size & Capacity with Tie Top Closures

725mm width with a rim opening of 1450mm, 1015mm length.

Our sacks and bags are made from quality grade re-used tear resistant LDPE material which can be further recycled where facilities exist.

Traceability with a Low Carbon Footprint

Our sacks and bags are Made in Britain with Quality (ISO 9001) & Environmental Management (ISO 14001) accredited compliance systems.

Sustainable with traceability as we collect the waste within the UK, sort, process, recycle then produce in Britain minimising our carbon footprint.

Certified by Consumer Goods - Leigh, Intertek Group Plc - 2022

Technical Specifciations:

Bursting Strength 27.6 Kpa - BS EN ISO 13938-2: 1999
Tensile Properties Grab Method Warp average 41 N - BS EN ISO 13934-2: 2014
Elmendorf Tear Across warp average 6.19 N - BS EN ISO 13937-1: 2000
Tensile Properties Grab Method Weft average 29 N - BS EN ISO 13934-2: 2014
Elmendorf Tear Across weft average 0.685 N - BS EN ISO 13937-1: 2000

Clear Recycling Bags

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